If you won't tolerate guild politics but want to enjoy the benefits of a fleet, such as high-end gear and extra content, the Black Sea Fleet might be for you.

BSF is a casual group of easy-going captains who enjoy STO with a focus on fleet progression. Our goal is a fleet where members aren't bullied, where participation is never mandatory, and where everyone gets a chance to progress to their satisfaction.

Of course, many of us also enjoy co-operative play and comradeship. Our senior members are always happy to help, and multi-player missions are a fun part of fleets that many of us choose to enjoy.

If you're interested in trying us out, just ask one of our in-game members for an invite via the Social Window > Find A Fleet tab, or send an in-game message to Cleeve@Cleeve. Good hunting out there!

Spire Research Facilities III Project

Industrial Fabricator V Completed, Next up: Spire III

Fleet Spire Tier I Completed, Elite Weapons On The Way

Black Sea Fleet Season 8 Update

Dilithium Mine Tier III And Starbase Tier V

The Dilithium Mine

Embassy III Completed!

Legacy of Romulus, into Darkness, And Other Stuff

Commodity Broker, Klingons, And Crystalline Stuff

Embassy Recruitment Facilities II, And Facebook

Embassy II Construction Complete, And Commendations

Starbase IV Construction Complete

Feb 24, 2014
Spire Research Facilities III Project

Starbase 4 Construction

Hello fleetmates! It's been a while since our last update. I was away on vacation for a while, and like many of you, I've been spending a lot of time on the Season IV missions with my alts.

For the Black Sea Fleet (Fed), the Spire Research Facilities III project is in progress and can use your support. It requires about 400k dil and 600 of science/medical DOFFs at the moment, the payoff being vulnerability locator Tactical consoles MK XII and elite warp/singularity cores.

The BSF is in great shape and at this rate we'll be done the spire in no time. A reminder to members, if you have a Klingon character, they're welcome to join our sister fleet, the RSF. Send a message to K'leev@cleeve for an invite. If you don't, consider making a Klingon alt, the experience is quite compelling!

The Red Sea Fleet (Klingon) is making good progress considering the relatively low number of members. Welcome to Kirito and Dugh'Jev who recently came aboard. A reminder that all members have invite power, so don't be afraid to ask folks to join the fold! We could use all the white (common) DOFFs and Dilithium we can get.

The RSF is currently upgrading the Transwarp Conduit III, but our main focus is always the Dilithium Mine, which will lower the dil cost of future fleet projects.

On a final note, new members are encouraged to check out our website www.blackseafleet.com for pointers on how to get the most out of the fleet. White doffs are free and if you don't know how to get them, check out the site!

Good hunting! - Vice Admiral Cleeve

Jan 22, 2014

Starbase 4 Construction

Greetings fleetmates! We are now a Level 17 fleet, with Industrial Fabricator V constructed and the Dilithium mine and Embasssy fully completed. We have access to elite fleet weapons. Take a second to pat yourself on the back for the contributions you've made because everyone has done their part in making the BSF a top-tier organization.

What's next? In the short term we'll be focused on completing the Fleet Spire, which has almost been fully completed to level 2 and gives us access to MK XII tactical consoles. At level 3, the Spire will provide all sorts of goodies like vulnerability locator MK XII tactical consoles and ground kits.If you have resources to spare, please allocate them there. Our secondary target is to fill the starbase science and military XP in order to allow the construction of the Tier 5 shipyard and Comms Array. After the spire is completed, we'll re-assess our next step based on the progress of the Starbase.

Don't forget to get Atmospheric Flight Training II from the Fleet Spire! It helps ship maneuverability in the Dyson Sphere.

Good hunting out there, ladies and gentlemen. - Vice Admiral Cleeve

Dec 17, 2013
FLeet Spire Tier I Completed, Elite Weapons On The Way

Starbase 4 Construction

Hello Fleetmates! Well, our Tier I Spire project is now completed. The Spire can be accessed by flying to the North (top) edge of the map in Dyson Sphere allies space. You'll want to purchase Atmospheric Flight Training I from its vendor when you have the chance, for a mere 5000 fleet credits it permanently reduces the atmospheric maneuverability debuff in the Dyson Sphere by 33%. Don't forget to look at the nifty warp cores, singularity cores, tactical consoles and kits in the Spire store, too!

In addition, Elite Fleet Weapons are sooooo close... we only need 4300 fleet marks and about 900k dilithium to finish the Starbase Industrial Fabricator V project, our current top priority. Remember, if you can run a quick Federation Fleet Alert and a Colony Invasion during the bonus event, you'll pull 100 Fleet Marks in a very short time. If you have the time to do this at least once a day, it's a great way to help keep our Fleet projects moving.

In any case, well done, all! The beautiful Tier 5 Starbase project is will be within our grasp very soon. - Cleeve out

Nov 12, 2013

Starbase 4 Construction

Today marks the beginning of Season 8: The Sphere. There's lots of new missions and I look forward to trying out the persistent adventure zones with my fleetmates. We also have a new fleet holding: the Spire, AKA the Black Sea Monolith. This will give us access to MK XII tactical consoles and unique ground kits as we progress.

Speaking of progress though, we are in the midst of upgrading to Dilithium mine III, but the BIG news is that we're on the cusp of Starbase V! We need less than 5000 engineering XP to begin Industrial fabricator V, and immediately after that we'll be able to upgrade our starbase exterior to it's maximum potential. Exciting times! Keep in mind that of all the projects we have, the Starbase is our primary focus. As we're about to embark on this historic fleet endeavor, expect more frequent updates.

Before I let you go, two notes: first, please keep an eye out for green text in your chat window as fleetmates sometimes have questions that are left unanswered. As for folks who have a question, if you don't get a response in the fleet chat channel feel free to send a personal teell to fleetmates who are online - you can see their name (and whether they're busy in mission) in the fleet roster.

Finally, I want to mention that our fleetmate Dexalaur has created a foundry mission titled "The Law or Not the Law". If you're up for it, give it a whirl and send Dexalaur some feedback. Have fun in the Dyson Sphere! - Vice Admiral Cleeve

Oct 11, 2013
Dilithium Mine Tier III And Starbase Tier V

Starbase 4 Construction

Hello Fleetmates,

The journey to Tier V from Tier IV has been a very long one, but we're fast approaching the tipping point. Our current focus is Upgrade Development Facilities III in the Dilithium mine. When that is completed we'll have achieved the maximum dilithium discount for fleet projects, and can shift the main focus back to Black Sea One. The first Starbase Tier V special project will come very quickly after that.

Things have slowed down for the summer, but now that fall has arrived I hope the game will get a bitbusier again, and the upcoming Season with the Voth should help a bit. If all goes well, we'll have at leaststarted the Tier V starbase before the end of 2013.

In the meantime, there's a whole lot of people who need to be recognized for their hard work andincredible contributions toward the Black Sea Fleet. Remeber, you can see pictures of the medals on our new commendations page at www.blackseafleet.com.

It is my priviledge to announce the following recipients:

Black Sea Fleet Medal of HonorOur highest award, the Black Sea Fleet Medal Of Honor, goes to the following members who have supplied over 5 million fleet credits of contributions:

Jynirl @Baskur
(27,048,486 Fleet Credits across account)

Tana Denat @Tanadenat
(9,540,132 Fleet Credits across account)

Manwe Sulimo @Manwesulimo
(7,453,652 Fleet Credits across account)

(5,321,653 Fleet Credits across accounts)

Black Sea Fleet Silver StarNext, the Black Sea Fleet Silver Star, awarded to to the following members who have supplied over 4 million fleet credits of contributions:

Badman Shafter @badmanshafter
(4,023,538 Fleet Credits across account)

Black Sea Fleet Bronze CrestThe Black Sea Fleet Bronze Crest, awarded to to the following members who have supplied over 3 million fleet credits of contributions:

Wiley @blackshadow47
(3,736,782 Fleet Credits across account)

Vynse @Shield309
(3,618,064 Fleet Credits across account)

Black Sea Fleet Distinguished Service CrossThe Black Sea Fleet Distinguisheed Service Cross, awarded to to the following members who have supplied over 2 million fleet credits of contributions:

James B Harrison @emp3r0r
(2,809,346 Fleet Credits across account)

Black Sea Fleet Meritorious Service CrossAnd finally the Black Sea Fleet Meritorious Service Cross, awarded to to the following members who have supplied over 1 million fleet credits of contributions:

Ikek @ikek
(1,809,211 Fleet Credits across account)

Lohn @akalayus
(1,753,563 Fleet Credits across account)

Tomalak @accordvtec77
(1,699,725 Fleet Credits across account)

Mongo @Mohngo
(1,434,610 Fleet Credits across account)

Jimbob @screwfix
(1,373,012 Fleet Credits across account)

Rod @thedopefishlives
(1,291,344 Fleet Credits across account)

Sean @sean567
(1,088,940 Fleet Credits across account)

Roger Fairfield @autobob01
(1,082,722 Fleet Credits across account)

akeen @amagola
(1,038,420 Fleet Credits across account)

I can't thank you guys enough, not only the incredible medal recipients above but everyone who has contributed. There are lots of folks who've given hundreds of thousands of fleet credits worth of resources who haven't earned a medal yet, so thank you all.

Obviously there's one fleet member in particular who deserves special mention: Jynirl @baskur has given so much to this fleet I can't even imagine where we'd be without him. Jynirl, from all of us, thank you for being a true inspiration to us all.

We've designed Fleet dress uniforms for our members who wish to present their decorations, now available to our members at any tailor. The medals correspond to the badges found in the Original Series Bundle or TOS Dress Uniform packs. As with everything in our fleet, the dress uniform is elective, at no time are you required to adopt it or participate. It's just an option for interested members.

Now, let's get Development Facilities III done so we can have that beautiful Starbase Tier V! - Vice Admiral Cleeve

August 17, 2013

Embassy II complete

Hello Fleetmates! It's been quite some time since I've published an update, and my apologies for that. It's been a busy summer for me and my family, and frankly I'm sure some of you were glad I wasn't cluttering up your inbox with fleet news. :)

In the meantime our members have been busy and the BSF continues to steamroll ahead. Our Embassy is 100% complete, our Starbase approaches level V, and the Dilithium Mine is speeding toward level III at a breakneck pace. Thank you all so much for your continued contributions and support, you guys make this fleet a rewarding place to be.

It takes a huge team effort to get to where we are but there are times that individuals derserve to be mentioned for particular distinction. I'd like to commend Tana Denat for his massive fleet contributions. I'm sure many of you have already noticed he's been awarded Co-Commanding Officer status for his hard work. So thanks from all of us, man, you've earned your place in the BSF along with the rest of the COs who work so very hard to keep us moving forward.

I mentioned the Dilithium Mine, and I should remind everyone that this is where our members should go first when they're looking to contribute to fleet projects. This is because the Dilithium requirements for a level V fleet are astronomical, and a fully developed Dilithium mine will remove a lot of that sting by loweing the dilithium required to complete those projects. So contribute to the mine first, if possible.

In addition, don't forget to enjoy the fruits of your labors. The Dilithium mine offers unique DOFF assignments that reward Dilithium and credits every day, as well as elite warp cores, consoles, and new miner DOFFs.

On a final note, don't be afraid to ask your fellow fleetmates to join for a Federation Fleet Alert or Colony Invasion when you're online. We need those fleet marks, and Dilithium is always appreciated, too. :) Good hunting! - Vice Admiral Cleeve

July 6, 2013

Embassy II complete

It's official: The Black Sea Fleet has fully completed the embassy holding progression, thanks to our hard-working members. We now have access to the best ground kits in the game. Congratulations one and all for this impressive achievement! The embassy looks great, too.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but we need to concentrate resources on the new dilithium mine holding in order to complete our starbase faster. The dilithium mine provides sizable dilithium discounts to starbase progression, and the dilithium requirements for a Tier V starbase are staggering, so let's keep that mine progression on track! Judging by our progress that's what our members are doing anyway, but I wanted everyone to know the strategy behind our actions.

Aside from that, keep plugging along, folks. For many of us it's the summer and the fleet has been relatively quiet, but it's great to see so many officers truly dedicated to our organization even now. We salute you! - Cleeve out

May 13, 2013

Crystalline Entity

Hello most excellent fleetmates,
My apologies, it's been some time since the last BSF status update. Frankly, real life has been quite busy for me with quite a bit of travel for work, and I caught a nasty flu.

Then again, there hasn't been much new info to report until now. We're on the long road to Tier V, with our last Tier IV construction project - the transwarp hub - well underway (dilithium will help if you have some to spare). Our Romulan Embassy is almost finished, with recruitment tier III the last leg of progression.

Even our Klingon counterpart, the Red Sea Fleet, is completed Tier I construction. We've gone a long, long way, so congratulations to all for your contributions and support.

I anticipate things will pick up a bit with the release of the Legacy Of Romulus expansion on the 21st of this month. It looks great by the way, I tried it on tribble and the Romulan story path is really well fleshed out. I wanted to remind folks that if you want to join the dark side with your Romulan character, the Red Sea Fleet could use the resources.

Finally, Star Trek: Into Darkness will make its way to theatres in a few days on May 17th (in North America, at least). For those of you interested in getting a look at the badass U.S.S. Vengeance from that movie, I've posted a photoshop-enhanced verison above. It looks like the bastard child of the enterprise and a star destroyer, worth having a look - click the pic to see a larger version. - Cleeve out

Apr 15, 2013
Commodity Broker, Klingons, And Crystalline Stuff

Crystalline Entity

Hello Fleetmates! The Black Sea Fleet projects are coming along at a breakneck pace. The embassy Recruitment Facilities II are completed, allowing us to get blue Romulan Doffs and BOs, Unique ground kits, and another duty officer assignment slot. The Commodity broker contract project requirements are filled (special thanks to Tana Danat for this one as he pointed out the project and probably filled it, too), and later today we will have access to the cheapest commodity prices in the game at the embassy. As for the starbase, we're well on our way to Comms Array IV, and even enginering tier V.

In addition, our Red Sea Fleet Klingon brothers have completed their first Tier I Starbase project, the Comms Array. The transwarp gate is under construction, and after that, Starbase Tier I!

If you haven't heard about the new Crystalline Catastrophe event, I want to mention it. It's incredibly simple compared to the ridiculous original version, and once every 20 hours you can get a special shard for beating the 10-minute scenario. If you can collect 14 shards by May 2nd, you can trade them for a whooping 50,000 Dilithium, 1,000 Fleet Marks, and a crystal non-combat space pet! These resources would be a huge boon to the fleet (especially the RSF, as that dilithium will easily take the fleet to full Tier I and beyond), so I urge all level 50 captains to take advantage of this huge dilithium giveaway and run the daily mission! - Cleeve out.

Apr 6, 2013

Hello fellow fleetmates! Just a couple quick notes to share. First off, our Embassy Recruitment Facilities II project currently requires some dilithium in order to complete. I know we usually ignore the embassy in favor of the starbase, but this project is a little different in that the rewards are significant: when it's done, we get an extra duty officer assignment slot (22 instead of 20), the ability to recruit Romulan Duty Officers (DOFFs), new elite unique ground kits, and rare (blue) romulan bridge officers. PLUS, after this project is done, we can construct an embassy-to-starbase shuttle transport. This is pretty significant stuff, and all we need is about 225,000 dilithium to get it done. So if you're donating dilithium to projects, please make that one your priority.

Aside from that, Lincoln@Billings1995 has taken some initiative and made a Facebook page for our fleet. This is kind of a cool outlet for those of us who would like to have some out-of-game contact with friends on the fleet. Search for STO Black Sea Fleet on Facebook to check it out and join! Best regards, - Vice Admiral Cleeve

Apr 1, 2013

Embassy II complete

Today our Romulan Embassy Tier II construction has been completed, giving us embassy access to the exchange. More importantly, we will be able to start a shuttle project that will allow instantaneous travel between the fleet starbase and the embassy, as well as a project that will give us a discount commodity broker. As far as starbase progression, the Shipyard IV project has almost been filled, so great work everyone.

I'd also like to mention that our Teamspeak voice chat room has been closed due to lack of use. That's not to say that we don't use voice chat, but we seem to default to the game's built-in chat client more than anything else. Because of this, I'm going to post a quick STO voice chat configuration tutorial on our site in the near future. While it's great when it works, the in-game chat client can be buggy on occasion, so I suggest that members who are serious about co-ordinating tough missions install Dolby Axon (https://axon.dolby.com/dolby_axon.php), a secondary voice client that will be our backup solution when the in-game client fails.

Last but not least, I'm very proud to award the following commendations to our members who have contributed far beyond the call of duty:

Black Sea Fleet Bronze CrestThe Black Sea Fleet Bronze Crest, awarded to to the following members who have supplied over 3 million fleet credits of contributions:

Wiley @blackshadow47
(AKA Six of Nine, Raimus, Thirty Six of D)

Black Sea Fleet Meritorious Service CrossAnd the Black Sea Fleet Meritorious Service Cross, awarded to to the following members who have supplied over 1 million fleet credits of contributions:


AKEEN @Amagola

Honored recipients, on behalf of the Black Sea Fleet please accept our heartfelt thanks for your hard work.

Mar 29, 2013

Starbase 4 Complete
RIGHT-Click The Photo Above and select 'save' to download the IMAGE

It is with great pleasure that I report the completion of construction at Black Fleet One. We now join the elite few who can boast the achievement of a Tier IV Starbase and a fleet level of 14.

Thanks to our members who could attend the unveiling ceremony. To commemorate the occasion, we have taken a photo of the new base exterior including the ships of our members who were able to take time away from their busy duties in the Alpha Quadrant. This photo is available for download as a desktop background at our website www.BlackSeaFleet.com.

Aside from that, our Tier II embassy will be completed in a few days, and we have now begin construction of our Tier IV shipyard. Once again, thanks so much to all of our members who are able to contribute. Without you, none of this would be possible. - Cleeve Out

Mar 25, 2013
Embassy II Filled, The Red Sea Fleet, and Starbase IV Unveiling!

Hello Fleetmates. Just thought I'd drop you a line to inform you that our Embassy II upgrade requirements have been filled, many thanks to our members who contributed hard-earned dilithium to the project!

On a side note, the Black Sea Fleet's Klingon arm has opened for business: the Red Sea Fleet. Send an in-game request from your Klingon character to Aleutia@RookPDX for an invite if you would like to be part of this organization. Folks who contribute hard and fast will get promotions quick as RookPDX could use one or two co-High Chancellors to share the administrative responsibilities.

Finally, our Starbase IV construction will be finished in about 3 days. We traditionally shoot a picture of everyone's shps in front of the completed base for our website (www.blackseafleet.com), so if you'd like to be included please be there when the project is completed.

That is all. Stay frosty, Captains! - Vide Admiral Cleeve

Mar 19, 2013

Due to an incredible push by our fleet members, our Starbase Tier 4 construction is underway! It''s going to take a whopping 10 days to complete contruction, but we've proven that our fleet has what it takes to play in the big leagues.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to get this massive project filled. I'm going to give a special thanks to Akeen who donated a huge amount of dilithium today (and Lohn who I suspect topped it up after that). Having said that, I know that many of you gave huge amounts of resources to get this done. On behalf of all of us, thanks for your dedication!

This allows those of us who were working hard to finish the starbase IV project to relax a bit. I know I'll have more time to enjoy the new Romulan update we'll see in a couple days.

As for the next project priority: if you have some spare dilithium to donate, it would be nice to complete our Tier II embassy, as there's some amazing MK XI science consoles available on competion. In addition, Embassy II allows us to build a shuttle service to and from the Starbase, a quick way for us to get to New Romulus. Aside from that, we're working steadily forward to build our Tier IV shipyard, and the Tier IV Comms Array.

Once again, thank you all so much for your support. - Vice Admiral Cleeve

Mar 12, 2013

Starbase 4 Construction

Hello Fleetmates,

Our Tier 4 Fabrication Facility is complete, and we now embark on our Tier 4 starbase project.It's been a very long road, but I can honestly say that I'm proud and honored to be a member of the Black Sea Fleet. We've accomplished what the biggest fleets have done, but without petty politics, uneccesary rules, and infighting.

We try to make sure everyone knows how much they are appreciated. Unfortunately, we have a limited number of ranks so it's difficult to make sure that our members are properly recognized for their contributions. To that end, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce the Black Sea Fleet's commendation system. Fleet members who contribute over 1 million fleet credits worth of resources will now be awarded commendations for their service. You can see pictures of the medals on our new commendations page at www.blackseafleet.com.

It is my priviledge to announce the following recipients.

Black Sea Fleet Medal of HonorOur highest award, the Black Sea Fleet Medal Of Honor, goes to the following members who have supplied over 5 million fleet credits of contributions:

Jynirl @Baskur
(AKA Sifol, Bowery)

Manwe Sulimo @Manwesulimo
(AKA species666, spawned, Soooty, Fermi, Demon Seed, Curunir)

Black Sea Fleet Silver StarNext, the Black Sea Fleet Silver Star, awarded to to the following members who have supplied over 4 million fleet credits of contributions:

Cleeve @Cleeve
(AKA @temporaphoenix)

Black Sea Fleet Bronze CrestThe Black Sea Fleet Bronze Crest, awarded to to the following members who have supplied over 3 million fleet credits of contributions:

Vynse @Shield309
(AKA T'Val, Raunok)

Black Sea Fleet Distinguished Service CrossThe Black Sea Fleet Distinguisheed Service Cross, awarded to to the following members who have supplied over 2 million fleet credits of contributions:

Wiley @blackshadow47
(AKA Six of Nine, Raimus, Thirty Six of D)

Badman Shafter @badmanshafter

Black Sea Fleet Meritorious Service CrossAnd finally the Black Sea Fleet Meritorious Service Cross, awarded to to the following members who have supplied over 1 million fleet credits of contributions:

Ikek @ikek

Sean @Sean567

On behalf of the whole fleet I'd like to express our gratitude for the dedication and efforts of these members. If you've earned more than 1 million fleet credits and we missed you, or we didn't combine credits from a second accountwe weren't aware of, please let me know via in-game mail at Cleeve@Cleeve.

We've designed Fleet dress uniforms for our members who wish to present their decorations, now available to our members at any tailor. The medals correspond to the badges found in the Original Series Bundle or TOS Dress Uniform packs. If you've earned a Black Sea Fleet medal and do not have access to the TOS medal badges, the fleet will provide the bundle to you at your request.

As with everything in our fleet, the dress uniform is elective, at no time are you required to adopt it or participate. It's just an option for interested members.

Thanks for your time. Now, let's fill that Starbase IV project! - Vice Admiral Cleeve

Mar 2, 2013
Industrial Fabricator IV Started - And Filled!

Industrial Fab 4

With colossal project requirements including 12,000 Fleet Marks and 900,000 dilithium, I assumed it would take us quite a while to fill the needs of this, our first Tier IV and largest project the Black Sea Fleet has tackled thus far.
I was very, very wrong!

It took us all of a day to band together and get this bad boy launched. Yes, we have a 10 day waiting period now that the resources are complete, but after that the new fabrication facility gives us access to the new Elite Fleet Engines. Plus, we will be able to start our Starbase Tier IV as soon as it's completed!

Starbase Tier IV has more than twice the project requirements, including 24,000 fleet Marks and 1.9 million Dilithium, so you might want to start hoarding these items! Having said that, you guys have shown me that there's no project too big for this organization to tackle. Thanks to everyone who banded together and contributed their time, energy, and hard-earned resources into this massive project. You know who you are. We salute your hard work and sacrifice! - Cleeve Out

Feb 24, 2013

Hello fleetmates. First off, I want to say to everyone how much we all appreciate your fleet contributions. We have an excellent membership and I'm really, really proud to serve with you guys. So, well done all!

Aside from that, I'm sending this out to recognise a few players who have gone beyond the call of duty in the service of the Black Sea Fleet:

The first person I'd like to talk about is Jynirl@baskur (although some of you may know him as Bowery or Sifol, he works a few high-level characters). Jynirl has been in the Black Sea Fleet since it was quite new, and if you ever have a look at the leaderboard you might note that his contributions are massive. Despite this, he has declined the Commanding Officer rank. Jynirl, for your continued support and humility, we salute you!

Speaking of massive contributions, our CO's such as Manwe Sulimo, Wiley, and Badman Shafter have always given us a high bar to shoot for. These guys don't get enough kudos for their hard work.

Finally, I'd like to recognize Vynse@Shield309 (AKA T'Val and Raunok). Vynse has also been with us for a very long time, and I can tell you from firsthand experience that he really knows his stuff when it comes to equipping and flying ships in STO. In appreciation for his considerable contributions, Vynse has been promoted to Commanding Officer and joins the other Black Sea Fleet COs as we head toward Tier 4.

If I haven't mentioned you specifically, please understand that we have 127 characters onboard so I can't single out everyone in an email. But We do try to keep on top of promotions based on fleet contributions, and if you feel you've been overlooked please drop me a line!

Thanks so much, guys. Once again, it's an honor serving with you. - Vice Admiral Cleeve

Feb 18, 2013

Ambassador Class

It's been a good month for STO and the Black Sea Fleet. I've always been a huge fan of the Ambassador class and it's great to see it finally in game. We're currently working on our Tier II embassy, which will provide some nice Mk XI rare shield enhancement consoles when it's completed.

More important, though: we're over 90,000 XP in our Fleet Starbase engineering program. This means we're very, very close to building our Tier 4 Industrial Fabrication Facility. After that project is completed, we'll be able to construct the Tier IV Fleet Starbase upgrade!

The fleet always gets more active during our major upgrades and it'll be great to work with you all toward our common goal. We haven't yet tackled any Tier 4 projects so we can expect them to be quite demanding as far as resources are concerned.

Some of our members may not be familiar with the best ways to gather resources for fleet projects. To that end, I've put together some tutorials that cover tips and tricks for getting free Dilithium, free Duty Officers, and free Fleet Marks. Seasoned players probably know most of these techniques, but many of you may learn something from them. You can view the tutorials on our website, www.blackseafleet.com, by clicking the 'Tips and Tricks' button on the right-hand menu.

Even if you don't want to contribute to fleet projects, you may learn a thing or two. For those interested in helping out, DOFFs, Dilithium, and Fleet Marks are often our bottlenecks. As always, we appreciate your support, fleetmates! - Cleeve out

Jan 19, 2013

Completed starbase 3

Greetings Fleetmates! It's taken me a very long time but I've finished the Omega Reputation system to Tier V and collected all of my MACO Mark XII ground and space sets, including the unique armor style that accomplishing the optional objectives on elite has earned.

Like many of you I'm often a loner in game due to an active real life, so I've done almost all the work needed to achieve this with Pick Up Groups (PUGS) over the past 3 years. This was much harder than it had to be. Along the way I picked up some tricks, tips, and strategies I'd be happy to share with my fleetmates.

I'd like to extend an offer to anyone who may be interested in something more involved than casual play. Anyone who wants to achieve some loftier goals, become an elite STF player, and get that high-end gear is encouraged to join the Black Sea Fleet's Elite Task Force. To those members who are veterans of Elite STFs and are interested in a teaching role, this is also an opportunity for you.

This is totally elective, I'm not looking to change our successful and casual culture. But assuming we have enough interested parties to get it off the ground, members of this task force will meet at pre-determined times to learn how to take victory from STF missions on the elite setting. Teamspeak is required for these missions where communication is a must (microphones are highly encouraged but you can listen in if you don't have one). Knowing the mission and how to conquer it is a critical for this task, but the rewards are much greater than standard STFs offer.

If you're interested in joining our Elite Task Force (the official name to be determined later from our members), please email cleeve@cleeve with the days of the week, times, and time zones you'd be interested in training with other task force members to become the best you can be. Also indicate if you're a confident STF player on Elite who is looking to share their knowledge, or if you have a tough time with elite STFs and would like to hone your skills.
- Vice Admiral Cleeve

Jan 5, 2013
Transwarp Gate III and Beyond

Completed starbase 3

Hello fleetmates! It's been an honor serving with you in 2012 and with the Tier III Transwarp gate completed last month we're well on our way to great things in the new year. The way fleet projects are progressing, Tier IV won't take long, and I expect us to reach Tier V well before the end of 2013. As always, thanks so much for your contributions!

I wanted to send out a quick shout about a few fleet matters. First, we'd like to make sure the fleet is on top of promotions. With 100 characters but it's a big job, so let a commanding officer know if you feel we've missed you. We might not be able to advance you right away, at the very least we can give you a target to work toward. Keep in mind we're trying to limit promotions above petty officer to one character per person in order to better keep track of how many actual people we have in our organization.

Second, we'd like to encourage our members to speak up if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding the fleet! One of our greatest strengths is our informal and positive culture, so feel free to speak your mind. We value your opinions and encourage you to speak up and ask questions if you have any.

Aside from that, we want to remind everyone that their fellow fleet members can be an excellent resource. Don't be afraid to ask your comrades if they'd like to join you for a mission, provide advice, achieve accolades, or even get better equipment. We're here to help! - Vice Admiral Cleeve

Dec 25, 2012
Best Wishes From The Black Sea Fleet

Completed starbase 3

It is with great pleasure that I extend heartfeltbest gratitude to all of my fleetmates this holiday season.

With Shipyard III now completed and Transwarp Hub III requirements filled, I'm pleased to annouce that we've completed all of our Major Tier III project requirements. Now it's simply a waiting game until our Transwarp Hub III is completed on the last day of 2012. As soon as it's complete we'll be able to transwarp to Alpha Centauri, Psi Velorum, and Iota Pavonis sectors from our fleet base system. Because of your hard work and contributions we can now purchase elite fleet ground equipment and Tier 3 Fleet starships from our base. I thank you, Captains.

I'm not going to lie to you: now that Tier III is completed, it will be a long road to Tier IV. Because of the huge progression requirements it will be some time before we see major upgrades to the starbase, but I encourage you to keep contributing to projects because the elite fleet ship equipment available at Tier IV is something special. In the meantime we'll be adding duty officer contact projects and a tailor to our starbase, and the embassy projects may take a more gratifying role in our short-term advancement.

It's been an honor serving with you. Happy holidays! - Vice Admiral Cleeve

Dec 16, 2012
Industrial Fabricator III Completed, Shipyard III Underway

Completed starbase 3

Hello fellow Captains,

I've been out of own for a couple days and in my absence Industrial fabricator III has been completed, so well done all! At this point we're well on our way to finishing up the requirements for Shipyard III.

As usual, our bottleneck is Fleet Marks. As Thedopefishlives mentioned, Jynirl has found a great foundry mission called "Battleship Royale Rumble" that drops a lot of loot and (in conjunction with the "Investigate Officer Reports (repeatable)" mission) gives 50 fleet marks and almost a thousand dilithium, too.

Personally I haven't bothered with the foundry missions up to this point since the rewards were nonexistant and it's hard to find good ones. But I have to admit,the repeatable (30-min cooldown) revamped "Investigate Officer Reports" mission gives me the incentive to at least have a look at the player-made episodes that Cryptic has pointed out in their foundry spotlight page. With precious few episodes from STO's developers, it's nice to try some new story content with real loot and rewards.

And the fleet could use the marks. Let's get shipyard III done, gents! - Vice Admiral Cleeve

Dec 11, 2012

Hello captains, and a special welcome to the former alumni of the Federation Defense Fleet.

We're making excellent progress and everything is going along quite nicely. I wanted to speak to you gents about the bottleneck that we're currently coming up against: Fleet marks.

These can primarily be collected via fleet mark missions in the PvE queue. Im therefore asking any available and able-bodied captains to try and team up during the game's fleet mark events, during which players will collect more fleet marks than usual for completing these objectives. I'm going to try and schedule these in the Black Sea Fleet events calendar (you can see this by clicking the events tab in the fleet window).

Also, I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of the fleet mark DOFF mission aboard our starbase. These missions, called 'Commendation Reports", award a shedload of fleet marks in exchange for extra Commendation XP in the DOFF system. If you have more than 110k XP in any area, you're wasting this precious resource, so cash it in!

Dark Horizon Logo

Finally, I want to congratulate Thor@MightyThor for winning our AMD A8-3870K APU draw. I'll be shipping that out ASAP, stay tuned for our next prize announcement!

Stay frosty, Captains! - Vice Admiral Cleeve

Dec 7, 2012
ANNOUNCEMENT: THE Federation Defense Fleet Merges With THE Black Sea Fleet

I have some excellent news, Captains! The honorable Federation Defense Fleet has merged with our organization.

After discussions and spending time making sure the casual feel was compatible, Commanding Officer Wiley and his crew have decided to join us to forge a stronger, more powerful force. With the Season 7 changes, our co-operation goes a long way to keep the fleet healthy, productive, and moving forward. Join me in giving our new members a heartfelt welcome!

The requirements for Industrial fabricator 3 are already filled thanks to Wiley's massive dilithium contribution, and our next focus is tactical projects to get us ready for the Shipyard 3 project when the week of contruction is done.

Our new bottleneck seems to be fleet marks, so if you have time please join the PvE queue and run some fleet mark missions in order to fill those project requirements. Don't be afraid to ask your fleetmates if they'd like to tag along for the fun.

Have fun out there, Captains! - Cleeve out

Dec 4, 2012

Completed starbase 3

We've put in a lot of hard work and our reward is a starbase that looks more like a massive, formidable base of operations and less like a floating pole in space. The Black Sea One is now completed at Tier 3! As you can see in the picture it's a thing of beauty, especially with some of our members posing in front of it in their starships.

With the base upgrade complete, our new focus is the fabrication facility III which will allow us to purchase *elite* fleet ground weapons and armor at our base!

On a side note, we're late on raffling off the new AMD A8-3870K unlocked processor with built in Radeon HD 6550D graphics. Any fleet members who have dontaed at least 25,000 fleet credits to starbase projects are eligible, if you have donated this many credits and would like to be entered in the draw please send an on-game message to cleeve@cleeve. The draw will be held on Friday December 7th.

Happy holiday season, Black Sea Fleet! - Cleeve Out

Nov 21, 2012

We did it! Comms Array III is now completed, and our Starbase Level III is under construction! We can purchase *elite* fleet personal shields at the starbase store.

I'm really proud of you guys, thanks for all the hard work. For a casual fleet of lone wolves we've done incredibly well, and I think we've proven that you don't need restrictions and rules to get things done. I know things have slowed down since we hit Tier II, but because we've chosen a path of relative concurrency things will stay busy here for a while. By the time the starbase Tier III is complete, we'll probably be ready for construction on the next fabrication and shipyard facilities.

Because of that, I'd like to offer another PC hardware draw for our fleet members who have earned a minimum of 25,000 fleet credits by November 30th. This time the prize is a brand new AMD A8-3870K unlocked processor with built in Radeon HD 6550D graphics.

Due to of some of the changes in Season 7, dilithium is going to be a little harder to come by so we really do appreciate your contributions to fleet projects. Please make the starbase projects your priority (EXPECIALLY Starbase Level 3!) as the new embassy is a secondary concern. For example, if you're contributing duty officers, please make sure they're not needed for starbase projects before contributing them to the embassy.

In addition, you might have noticed that www.blackseafleet.com has benefited from more development. All the buttons work now, the site has an extensive record of our fleet's progress, and we have status indicators on the left side to display our fleet and starbase levels. In the near future we'll add some teamspeak info and perhaps some tutorials for new members.

Also, don't forget to check out the fleet bank, and take any equipment you need or datachips you can use for accolades!

I also wanted to mention, if you have any issues or concerns about the fleet please don't hesitate to drop me a line in game at cleeve@cleeve. I want to make sure our members are happy and that everyone feels they're given a fair chance to progress.

In any case, thanks again for your contributions and don't forget to transwarp to the starbase and check it out. Tier III looks quite impressive under construction. Good hunting, captains! - Cleeve out

Nov 17, 2012

Dark Horizon Logo

It's an exciting time. Season 7 has just been released, and we're literally a couple days from starting our Starbase Level III. In addition, I'm pleased to announce an alliance between the Black Sea Fleet and the Dark Horizon Fleet.

Dark Horizon is a great group of players who also value a non-political culture as we do. However, they're a lot more mobilized and structured than we are, and they're willing to work with our members who'd like help with high-level content like STFs.

As the Black Sea Fleet is a very loose and casual fleet, the more hardcore players in our ranks may enjoy the opportunity to play with folks who are willing to team up for the tougher missions at times when a lot of our fleetmates aren't online, or when our online members aren't interested.

In addition, Dark Horizon has generously offered us use of their Teamspeak server. This allows our players with a microphone and headset to talk to each other during in-game missions, an invaluable resource for co-ordinating operations and helping newer players.

To use teamspeak, download the client from www.teamspeak.com. Click connecttions>Connect and use the server address:
Enter your character name and click connect, a password is not necessary.
Then join the "Dark Sea Fleet" channel. Please keep in mind that abusing other players will not be tolerated. We're guests on their server so let's represent the Black Sea Fleet with respect.

Also, we'd like your suggestions for naming our alliance. Do you have any ideas? If so, pleasemail them to Cleeve@Cleeve.

We welcome the Dark Horizon Fleet members to the alliance and look forward to working with them! - Cleeve out

Oct 10, 2012

Radeon HD 6870

Hello Fleetmates,

Well we finally have a website, althoguh it's a bit of a stretch to call it functional at this point (only the FORUM link to the right works so far, most are leftovers from our parent site www.staryards.com and won't work. Working links and content coming soon!). Over the next few weeks you will see much more functionality on the site including tutorials and other resources.

However, I did want to get SOMETHING up to promote the upcoming draw for a RADEON HD 6870 on October 19, 2012.

The Radeon HD 6870 is a fairly powerful graphics card, worth about $170 online and better than Nvidia's new GeForce GTX 650 Ti or AMD's new Radeon HD 7770. Equipped with fast 1050 MHz GDDR5 memory and 1120 shader cores at 900 MHz, it's plenty fast to run Star Trek Online at the 1920x1080 resolution.

Fleet members only have two requirements to be entered:

1. You have to email me in-game (cleeve@cleeve) to let me know you WANT to be entered. Some of you have crazy fast graphics cards already and may not be interested.
2. You need to have contributed at least 20,000 fleet credits according to the leaderboard

This is the first of MANY draws for PC hardware as a reward to those who contribute to fleet projects. My goal is to have a draw once a month!

That's all for now, keep up the great work gentlemen! - Cleeve out

Congratulations to Sean666 who won the Radeon HD 6870 graphics card! Also Thanks to everyone who participated in the draw, there's more to come!

Sept 20, 2012

Hello gents! I'm hapy to report that our Tier 2 shipyard is operational and our Tier 2 fabrication facility project is already underway. For a fleet of 20-or-so Vice Admirals, our progress is stunning.

I just wanted to pop in and let you know that my move will be done after this weekend, and I have some interesting plans for us.

Until then, thanks for your dedication. We'll be able to requesition the awesome fleet ship weaponry very soon! - Cleeve out

Sept 4, 2012

Hello fleetmates,

I'm stoked that our members have been recruiting active players who are enjoying the new fleet missions and helping contribute to tour starbase in a big way. If I haven't had the chance to talk to you personally, let me welcome you to the Black Sea Fleet.

I'm proud to say we've got a Tier 2 starbase fully operational, complete with a usable bank. Well done, everyone! That was a very big project to complete.

Our next focus is the Transwarp gate Tier II. For those of you who don't know, whhn you're in the fleet starbase system you can use the transwarp gate with no cooldown. Just fly up to the gate to see a popup option at the bottom right of the screen. Right now it allows transwarping to Vulcan, and Tier 2 allows transwarping to Risa... it's kinda useless right now, but tier III allows transwarping to a whole bunch of sector blocks. So we'll do it up now to expand later.

We're also focused on Military projects to bring us to 25000 Military XP, and that lets us build the Tier II shipyard. A lot more interesting fleet ship options at tier II.

That's it for now, just wanted to let you all know your efforts are appreciated. On a side note, any contributions to the fleet bank will go toward opening another tier of storage. Speaking of the fleet bank, don't foget to make use of those datachips if you want the accolade! Just right click a chip to see if it's usable for your character, and if it is, please take it! - Cleeve out

Aug 21, 2012

Greetings fellow captains,

I just wanted to thank everyone for their hard work on comms array 2. I put 800 fleet marks in and 10k dilithium, and it looks like we're already up to 1100 marks, 50k dilithium, and everything else filled except the DOFF requirements.
Great work everyone!

After comms array is completed we'll be able to provision powerful fleet ship equipment. And as soon as this project is done, we're starting the Tier 2 starbase project!

Thanks for your hard work and contributions. - Vice Admiral Cleeve

Aug 16, 2012

Thanks to everyone's efforts, we can now construct ships at the shipyard. We've completed one provisioning assiignment and can make five ships. Thansk for everyone's contributions! I know Seifer pushed hard to get the provisioning assignment done quickly.

These ships can only be purchased at Vice Admiral level. One is already reserved by Seifer. So if anyone else is interested in purchasing a ship, please let me know before buying one. There will be plenty to go around, and if we need more we'll do another provisioning project. just let me know.

What now? Science XP. We currently have 21,750 science XP, and when we hit 25,000 we'll be able to create the comms array tier II, which will allow us to provision rare ship deflectors and shields.

As soon as that's built, we can start on Starbase Tier II! - Cleeve Out

Aug 8, 2012

Well, thanks again to the cooperative nature of our members, we've managed to make it to the inductrial fabricator project. The DOFF requirement was a lot easier, and it's already filled! We just need your fleet marks, folks. After that, we can fabricate fleet ground armor and weapons. Next major project: the shipyard!

I wanted to let everyone know, especially you junior officers: feel free to take items out of the fleet bank for your use. There's a lot of depositing but not a lot of withdrawing! Help yourself to whatever you need, that's what it's there for. - Cleeve Out

Aug 1, 2012

Well, we did it.

Our starbase doesn't look like a floating hulk of junk anymore, and we can access mail in addition to change out our ships. Well done all!

We're already extremely close to reaching Tier 1 Military and engineering, and we're on the verge of having our shipyard and fabrication facility. That means ships, ultra rare ground weapons, and ultra rare ground armor.

We have run into an unforseen snag, unfortunately: the "Station Science Officer on Starbase" project requires very rare purple duty officers: a doctor, a development lab scientist, and a research lab scientist. This wouldn't be a huge problem except that it appears to require UNBOUND officers... Unfortunately, I don't have any of those. :(

What's worse is that once a special project is selected, it can't be taken out until completed. So this project stands in the way of our soon-to-be-accessible shipyard and fabricator construction projects. DOH!

I'm not sure how to get out of this one except by purchasing these officers from the exchange, and they're ridiculously expensive... like 1.5 to 5 million credits each. I've tried to generate credits by purchasing a "Federation Space Combat Suit" from the Z-store, and putting it up for auction on the in-game exchange. If it sells we'll have a few million credits at our disposal for a while.

In the meantime, I ask that if you have credits to spare, please deposit them in the fleet bank where we'll build up resources until we can purchase the doffs we need. I'm not asking you to go to the poorhouse, but any portion you can afford to deposit would be appreciated. If everyone can deposit a portion of what they generate we'll get there. I will personally be donating 100% of my credit take to speed things up, but I'm already maxed for gear so it's not an issue for me.

That's all for now, and thank you for your contributions to the fleet! - Cleeve out

July 31, 2012

I'm pleased to announce the construction of our starbase Tier 1, which will be operationan in 20 hours from the time of writing. I'd also like to introduce Vice Admiral Warh and Commander S'Rett to the Black Sea Fleet. Warh has already made contributions to the completion of Tier 1, and S'Rett is a newer player who may need any help we're able to provide.

With Starbase Tier 1 under construction, our focus shifts to Tactical and Engineering projects which will soon allow us to construct a shipyard and industrial fabricator, which in turn provides us with the ability to provision advanced fleet ground weapons, armor, and ships.

There is also a project in the works to station a sciance officer aboard our base who will provide unique duty officer missions. I've heard that these missions may provide fleet marks as a reward.

In any case, thanks for your contributions, captains. Good hunting! - Cleeve Out

July 30, 2012

Hello Fleetmates,

Well, we have a Transwarp hub. Not only does this mean we can all meet at the starbase from anywhere, but it also means we can transwarp to Vulcan with no cooldown from the hub itself (fly close to the hub for this option, it will pop up in the bottom right of the screen). In later tiers, we will be able to travel to many different sectors from the hub. We're also on the verge of Starbase Tier 1, which gives us mail access and a ship selector on the base. By the time it's completed, we'll have at least 8500 Fleet XP in Tactical and Engineering, which means we'll be able to build our shipyard and industrial fabricator very soon, with access to new ships and elite ground weapons and armor.

After that, we're only 10 science projects away from Science Tier 2, and then we'll be able to build the Starbase Tier 2! Advancement will probably slow down at this point, but we'll have a great base to build from and long term goals to work toward.

I'd like to thankour members for their participation to this point, and I'd like to offer a reward of sorts: if you like, I'll discuss the best science/eng/tac consoles for your ships with you, and I'll be happy to craft Mark XI rare consoles that you need (the best consoles currently craftable in the game). You'd be surprised what the right consoles can do for your combat effectiveness and survivability.

I've already done this for Seifer, so any other members interested please PM me and we'll set up a time to get you up and running. :)

July 24, 2012

Hello Fleetmates,

Thanks to everyone's dedication, we cot the communications array completed and are now well on our way to having the Transwarp hub, which will allow us to quickly meet at the fleet base from anywhere in the galaxy.

It's quickly become apparent that the bottleneck is supplying duty officers (DOFFS) to the projects: it's vitally important that all members are getting free doffs from Starfleet Academy as often as possible. I think there's a one day cooldown on the Vulcan/Tellarite/Andorian cultural exchange missions from the three doff contacts on the Starfleet Academy grounds; the big missions are those supplied by the personnel officer in the top-left building on the Starfeet Academy map, some of those have a two-day cooldown I think (except for general recruitment, that also might have a 1-day cooldown). in any case, getting these missions should be a priority for everyone in the fleet.

To this end, I've been spending my playtime building alternate characters with no purpose other than to farm duty officers. Every character that is level 7 or higher can take doff missions and get free doffs, so if you have any alt characters at level 7 be sure to add them to the fleet.

If you don't know how to invite characters to the fleet, or get free doffs, please send me a message and I'll help you with that.

Finally, lets talk about Elite Fleet Equipment! Now that we have the comms array complete, we can requesition the new Elite Fleet Personal shields! These new Fleet personal shields are available to Vice Admiral-level characters only and have a whooping 367 maximum shield capacity!

Here's the kicker though: we have to do a project to provision them. That project is now in progress, it's called "Provision Personal Fleet Equipment From Science I"

When the project is completed (11 hours at time of writing), we'll have only 10 provisions (10 shields, basically) so I ask that any members who want one limit themselves to one shield at this time, and give me a heads up before requesitioning it. I'd like to make sure everyone gets a chance to have one, so please be considerate of your fleetmates!

That's about it at this stage. After we have the transwarp hub and shield provision projects complete we'll probably work on Starbase Level 1 (a huge project that provides us with a ship selector and mail capabilities on the base, not to mention the base looks a lot cooler), and then engineering and military
projects to get those areas to level one.

At this point I should probably also mention, if you know any other players without a fleet invite them to join ours! We could use about 5 more active players to make the projects go smoother.

That is all... thank you, Captains! - Cleeve out

July 21, 2012

Thanks much to Badman Shafter for finishing up the final two science projects that will take us to 10 completed science projects!

This opens us up to some pretty nifty stuff: When these two projects are done this evening, we will be able to work on two special projects: Getting the starbase to Tier 1, and building a transwarp hub that will allow us to transwarp to the fleet starbase from anywhere in the galaxy.

These will probably be special projects listed on the bottom of the holdings tab, not the typical projects were used to. So when these become available, please make them your priority.

I do apologize that I' haven't been on much the past few weeks, as I'm in the middle of prepping my house for sale. But like everyone else I'm on when I can be, pecking away at it when I can. If you're in the situation, try to plan to be on when a bonus fleet marks hour is scheduled. IFYI, I've purchased a 20% fleet marks bonus that will increase the marks you commit to projects by 20%. it will last up to 5000 fleet marks, so we should be good for a ltitle while!

In any case, well done all! Thank you for your contributions to the fleet, we couldn't have done it without everyone pulling together! - Cleeve out